Services Provided

The primary difference between a house call and what you're accustomed to happening during a traditional visit to the doctor's office is more privacy and less waiting. It's much more comfortable and much more convenient.

Call NU House Calls when you are ill or just not feeling right. Once Dr. Urankar arrives, she will …

  • Obtain your medical history
  • Perform an appropriate examination
  • Discuss her findings and thoroughly explain her diagnosis
  • Educate you about your condition and the medication she intends to prescribe
  • Make sure any questions and concerns are discussed and answered
  • Dispense medication(s) and/or provide prescriptions
  • Summarize and plan for follow-up visit if necessary


Dr. Urankar will also provide, as part of your participation fee, preventive health services and an annual health assessment at your location so that you and she can develop a schedule of regular screenings and check-ups to keep you on the road to good health. Services such as …

  • Physical examinations
  • Medication management and medication refills
  • Health and exercise assessment
  • Flu shots and other vaccines
  • Diabetic screening and monitoring
  • Coumadin testing
In addition, as part of her practice, Dr. Urankar can arrange and coordinate a spectrum of limited additional services that can also be performed in your home. These services include ultrasound, X-rays, psychological counseling, pharmacy consulting, and geriatric fitness assessments.


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